Happy Holidays from International Academic Competitions! We’ve just spent several weeks in Vienna doing some advance planning for next summer, and we’re delighted to present the Draft Schedule of the 2024 International Geography Championships! There are 30 different medal events and nearly 20 different field trip destinations in Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest! Descriptions are now online for all of the buzzer quiz tournaments, exams, other medal events, field trips, and the optional day trip to Budapest. Registration will open by December 10; we will send out an announcement to everyone on our contact list when it does. If you are not yet receiving updates on IGC, please contact david@iacompetitions.com, and we will be sure to keep you posted. Finally, note that we are in the process of securing a host school in Vienna as well. We visited with three different schools while in Vienna, and we are now working things out to see which host school will be the best fit for IGC. Again, we will post further details online and make an announcement when we have the hosting arrangements finalized.