2024 Results

The results from the 2024 International Geography Championships will be posted to this page beginning on July 13, 2024 once the first competitions have taken place.

2022 Results

The final team Medals Table for the 2022 International Geography Championships is posted here. The final individual Medals Table is posted here.

The final Individual Championship standings are posted here. Students are ranked by ordinal placement in the battery exam and written exam as well as the GIS Competition for high school students and the National History Bee for middle school and elementary students.

3:30 pm: The Scramble (RESULTS)
3:30 pm: Day 1 Task Forces (RESULTS)
6:30 pm: Vermont Geography Exam (RESULTS)
7 pm: Great Trading Game, Middle School (RESULTS)
7:30 pm: Geoguessr, High School (RESULTS)

9 am: Battery Exam (RESULTS)
12:30 pm: Geopardy, Round 1 (RESULTS)
2 pm: Historical Geography Bee (RESULTS)
4 pm: Human Geography Exam (RESULTS)
7 pm: Geoguessr, Elementary (RESULTS)
8 pm: The Knockout (RESULTS)

9 am: International Geography Bee Prelims (RESULTS)
1:30 pm: Written Exam (RESULTS)
3:30 pm: International Geography Bowl, Rounds 1-3 (RESULTS)
6:30 pm: Country Exam, North Macedonia (RESULTS)
7:30 pm: Great Trading Game, Elementary (RESULTS)
7:30 pm: Geographeud, Middle School (RESULTS)
7:30 pm: GIS Competition, High School (RESULTS)

9 am: The Melee (RESULTS)
11:30 am: Symposium Presentations (RESULTS)
1 pm: Day 4 Task Forces (RESULTS)
1 pm: The Blitz (RESULTS)
4 pm: Visual Geography Bee (RESULTS)
7 pm: Geopardy, Round 2 (RESULTS)
8 pm: Hexathalon (RESULTS)

9:30 am: Montreal Exam (RESULTS)

9 am: South Asian Geography Bee Prelims (RESULTS)
11:30 am: Visual Geography Bee Finals (RESULTS)
12 pm: South Asian Geography Bee Finals (RESULTS)
1:30 pm: International Geography Bowl, Rounds 4-6 (RESULTS)
3:30 pm: Day 6 Task Forces (RESULTS)
3:30 pm: GeoCache Treasure Hunt (RESULTS)
8 pm: Geopardy, Semifinals and Finals (RESULTS)

9 am: East Asian Geography Bee Prelims (RESULTS)
10:30 am: Geographeud, Elementary (RESULTS)
10:30 am: Great Trading Game, High School (RESULTS)
10:30 am: Geoguesser, Middle School (RESULTS)
10:30 am: Day 7 Task Forces, Middle and High School (RESULTS)
1:30 pm: East Asian Geography Bee Finals (RESULTS)
2 pm: International Geography Bowl, Playoffs (RESULTS)
3:30m: Day 7 Task Forces, Elementary (RESULTS)
6 pm: International Geography Bee, Semifinals and Finals (RESULTS)

2018 Results

Congratulations to the 2018 International Geography Bee World Champions!

Complete List of Medalists & Medals Table from the 2018 Championships

Specific Event Results for the 2018 International Geography Bee can be found on the website for our sister competition, the International History Olympiad.