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Aquarium du Québec (only for students with an afternoon departure on the final day).
For students who are departing Quebec in the afternoon of Day 8, we will provide an opportunity to spend an hour or two at the Québec Aquarium. Further details on the Aquarium can be found on its website here. A visit to the Aquarium do not cost extra for participating IGC students.

A visit to the Huron-Wendat Museum will provide a chance to discover the history and heritage of Quebec’s original inhabitants and First Nations. Click here for further details on the museum’s offerings and exhibits which are described on its website.

For students looking for to get outside and see some beautiful geographic landscapes firsthand, we’ll provide an opportunity to visit Jacques Cartier National Park, and hike about 5 miles (8 kilometers) on a scenic and not particularly difficult trail. Students may elect to just do the hike, and return to Université Laval for the afternoon events there or in Quebec City, or have lunch in the park and then go river tubing in the afternoon. This trip may have a field cap, but that will be determined after consultation with the National Park authorities.

If you need a break from all things geography (except a beautiful biome and a scenic riverscape) – and your parents are willing to attest to your ability to swim – we’ll provide a chance to go river tubing for an afternoon in scenic Jacques-Cartier National Park. This event will cost extra; costs will be posted here when available. This trip may have a field cap, but that will be determined after consultation with the National Park authorities.

Just 15 minutes from the Université Laval campus are the beautiful Montmorency Falls. Click here for more information; there’s also a cable car ride to take and some other activities that students might be able to take part in as well (this is to be determined).

Optional Day Trip to Montreal (only for students also attending the International History Olympiad)

For students who are also competing in the International History Olympiad (and for these students only), we will be organizing an optional day trip to Montreal, the largest city in Quebec, the second largest in Canada, and one of the largest French-speaking cities in the world. The trip itself will take place on August 1 (i.e. the departure day for Olympiad students not taking part in IGC, and before IGC officially begins on August 2). Students on this trip will have the opportunity to visit Vieux Montréal (the old city) and many other historic and culturally significant sites. We will post a full itinerary here when available. This trip will take place by bus and will cost extra. The cost will be determined once the itinerary is set, but will likely be in the $100-$150 USD range (including all travel, entry fees, lunch, dinner, guides, and tip). Parents and family members of students who are attending both the Olympiad and the Geography Championships are welcome to attend (but must of course pay the same fees).

The Musée de la Civilisation is perhaps the most well-known museum in Quebec City. The museum features exhibits on the history and cultures of civilizations around the world, with a special focus on Quebec and Canada. Details on the Musée de la Civilisation can be found here on its website.

All students will get a chance to go sightseeing and see the most famous sites of Vieux-Québec, the nearly 500 year old historic center of the city. Sites that will be visited include the Fortifications of Québec, Citadelle of Québec, Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, Quartier Petit Champlain, Monument Samuel De Champlain, the Chateau Frontenac, and much more.

However… the walking tour will not just be a chance to see the historic sites of Quebec City, but it will also be combined with an official medal event, the Scavenger Hunt! For a whole afternoon, students will tour the city in chaperoned small groups. They will need to complete tasks, use map skills, and follow a strict set of rules to maintain fairness and safety. Further details will not be revealed until the beginning of the sightseeing / Scavenger Hunt so that students are not able to unduly prepare in advance, as the point of the Scavenger Hunt is not to test preexisting knowledge, but give students a chance to use their geographic skills to cogitate and strategize in a unique and historic setting.

If you need a full day off from more typical geography events by Day 5 and are looking for a unique Quebec experience, we’ll provide an opportunity to join a whale watching tour on the St. Lawrence River. Note that this trip contains an extensive bus ride to and from the embarkation point. Please bring rain gear and/or a change of clothes in case a whale splashes you and the others on the boat! An extra charge applies for this; parents and family members are also welcome to take part (provided they pay the fee of course too). Further details are available here on the website of one of the tour companies we may work with (it has not yet been confirmed if it will be this specific tour operator though).

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