Costs for the 2024 International Geography Championships will be posted in fall 2023, but please read the following excerpted from the FAQ page

Q: What do you expect the cost of IGC will be?
A: Approximately $2000 for the program itself for each competing student. There will be a family program charge of approximately $200 which will cover administrative costs of being able to enter the host school, attend ceremonies, take part in multiple choice exams, and select other events. The day trip to Budapest will likely cost about an additional $195 for each participant (whether competing student, family member or chaperone).  We expect the post-IGC tour from Vienna to Berlin will cost anywhere from $1700 to $2200 per person, depending on exactly what is included (e.g. how many meals, exactly which sightseeing opportunities, etc.) The exact costs for all Summer 2024 IAC programs and tours will be available once registration opens.