The costs for the 2024 International Geography Championships are as follows. Please also note the following payment options and fees:
A. Credit card payment (incurs 4% transaction charge)
B. Payment by wire transfer (incurs flat $35 fee per transfer regardless of amount)
C. Payment by US $ denominated check (no transaction charge)

Refund Policy: All fees are refundable in full minus a $50 processing fee through May 31, 2024. From June 1, 2024-June 30, 2024, payments are refundable at a 50% rate. After June 30, no refunds are available. In all three cases, the transaction charges won’t be refunded.

1. Base Fee for Competing Students
$1875 per competing student with $100 discounted ($1775 total) if paid by December 29, 2023!
This includes all program fees; sightseeing entry and tour guide fees; a public transit pass from July 14-July 20; and a commemorative T-shirt, hat, and pin. It does not include meals with the exception of the Symposium Dinner, OPEC Simulation, and Congress of Vienna Dinners for students who are selected to attend those. Note that we are discussing with the host school as to whether or not they may be able to provide an optional lunch, and if so, if there is a limit to the number of people who can register for this. If this is not possible, there are still numerous fast food and sit-down restaurants and a supermarket within a 5 minute walk of the school where food can be purchased. Lunch can also be ordered to the school or brought with students at the start of the day.

2. Supplements
$175 Budapest Full-Day Trip (Saturday, July 13 – includes lunch and 20 euros will be given to all for dinner)
$60 Bratislava Half-Day Trip (Tuesday, July 16 – does not include meals)

3. Optional Accommodations
$500 – Accommodation Supplement – Only an option for competing students in the High School Division, not for other students or Family and Friends Program members
 (includes 8 nights accommodation (from July 13-21), staff supervision (including travel to and from the host school each morning and evening), and airport/train station pick-up and drop-off)
$60 – Extra night supplement for the night of July 12
(which is required if students are participating in the Budapest day trip on July 13).

All students in the Middle School, Intermediate, and Elementary School Divisions must attend IGC with a parent(s) or other adult guardian(s). If both families provide a signed letter in agreement, it is possible for a student’s guardian to be another student’s parent or guardian. Students in these age divisions must find accommodations on their own with their families.
High School Division students only have the option to attend IGC on their own without coming with a parent or guardian (though of course they are still welcome to do so). If they are coming on their own, we will provide accommodations for them. All students who will be coming and staying in IAC provided accommodations will stay in double occupancy rooms (each room has two separate beds) at the B and B Hotel – Wien Stadthalle. The rooms are air-conditioned, and our staff will be staying in the same hotel, so students will be supervised at all times. Students should bring money for meals, which are not included.
We will provide staff-chaperoned pick-ups and drop-offs at the Vienna International Airport or the Vienna Hauptbahnhof (Central Rail Station) solely for unaccompanied High School Division students.

4. Family & Friends Program
The Family & Friends Program has two options: Extended and Basic. These are described below.

The costs of the Extended Family & Friends Program are as follows:
$450 for anyone born before July 21, 2012
$350 for anyone born July 21, 2012-July 20, 2016
$250 for anyone born July 21, 2016-July 20, 2019
Children born from July 21, 2019 onwards are free, though note that some sightseeing may not be suitable for the youngest children. The price of the Family & Friends program includes the following:

1. Public Transport Pass (from July 14-20) – includes Subway (i.e. U-Bahn), S-Bahn, Regional Trains, Bus, and Tram.
2. All sightseeing entry and tour guide fees during the times marked in dark blue on the schedule (does not include rides in the Prater). Note that in all cases when we are visiting sites, Family and Friends program members have the option of either having one or more of our staff members escort them via public transportation to and from the host school, or meeting us outside the entrance to the attraction in question / the starting point for a tour. Due to space limitations, the UN Vienna and OPEC Headquarters tours are for competing students only.
3. Any Multiple Choice Exam (All of which have Family & Friends Divisions – there will be separate awards for adults and children)
4. The Parents and Siblings Geography Bee and the Culinary Geography Bee.
5. The Scavenger Hunt
6. Access to the host school, including all events which are open to spectators, Medals Ceremonies, the Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. Access to the host school is not allowed to anyone not participating in the Family & Friends Program.
7. A commemorative T-shirt, hat, pin, and water bottle.
8. The Half Day Trip to Bratislava and the Full Day Trip to Budapest are open to Family & Friends Program participants, but are not included in the cost. The cost of these per person, regardless of age, is the same as it is for competing students (i.e. $175 for Budapest, $60 for Bratislava). Infants who can sit safely on a parent’s lap are free of charge, but if someone requires a seat on the bus, then the cost applies.
9. The Family & Friends Program does not include accommodations or meals, though there is a chance that the host school may be able to provide a lunch option. This may be just for competing students, or it may also be possible for Family & Friends Program participants. If this is the case, we will have a separate sign up process for this.

The costs of the Basic Family & Friends Program are as follows:

$175 per family member, regardless of age, with the exception of children born from July 21, 2019 onwards who are free. The price of the Basic Family & Friends program includes the following:

1. The Basic Option includes access to the host school and to all ceremonies and competition that are open to spectators (remember, some, like exams, are not open to any spectators). The fees are charged as we still need to keep track of the number of people in the school at all times and prevent people who are not affiliated with IGC from entering the building, ensure that we do not have too many people in any one space and run afoul of fire codes, and provide staff for additional security.
2. The Basic Option does not include any sightseeing entry fees, nor does it include a public transit pass nor T-shirt, hat, pin, nor water bottle.
3. The Basic Option does not allow people registering under this option to themselves compete in any competitions in the Family and Friends Division.
4. While we certainly cannot (and will not) prevent Basic Option Family and Friends Program members from tagging along with our group when we go to museums and sites, we will not a) wait for you, either at the entrance or at the exit when our group is done, b) have extra tickets for sale, nor c) will you be permitted to take your child away from our group without expressly notifying the tour leader(s). We have run into instances of Type C at prior summer events, and they have led to delays and concern for missing students. Any violation of this policy by family members will result in a ban from all further IGC 2024 activities without recourse to a refund.
5. Tagging along to walking tours is not permitted.

5. Post-IGC Central Europe Trip
The costs for the Post-IGC Central Europe Trip will be available when registration for it opens in March. There are only 50 spaces available on the trip. To reserve a space, a $300 deposit is required per person. The deposit is refundable in full, minus credit card transaction costs, if a family opts not to take part. The $300 deposit can be paid as soon as registration for the International Geography Championships opens using the same registration form.

6. Adjunct Staff Discount
Family members, coaches, and others accompanying IGC students to Vienna who are 18 years and older are welcome to apply for an Adjunct Staff discount on registration. To apply for an Adjunct Staff Discount, please email
Adjunct Staff will be asked to help with the Scavenger Hunt, the International Geography Bee and Bowl World Championship preliminary rounds, and other events (not including the Budapest and Bratislava trips) as applicable. Adjunct staff will not be needed for Final Rounds or Playoff Rounds. Being able to read quiz questions in clear English, and staffing at least one IAC event prior to IGC (this can be done online this spring) is a prerequisite for being an Adjunct Staff member, as is passing a basic background check. The total time commitment for being an Adjunct Staff member is approximately 12 or 20 hours as follows:

Adjunct Staff Basic Option
Training Session – 1 hour (during or immediately after the Battery Exam)
Scavenger Hunt – 4 hours
Intl. Geography Bee prelims (reading or scoring; you should be prepared to read) – 3 hours
Intl. Geography Bowl prelims (reading or scoring; you should be prepared to read) – 4 hours
Adjunct Staff Extended Option
All of the above and…
Additional event 1 (either chaperoning a field trip or reading questions) – 1.5-2.5 hours
Additional event 2 (either chaperoning a field trip or reading questions) – 1.5-2.5 hours
Additional event 3 (either chaperoning a field trip or reading questions) – 1.5-2.5 hours
Additional event 4 (either chaperoning a field trip or reading questions) – 1.5-2.5 hours
Please also note:
A. Basic Adjunct Staff receive a discount of $300. 
B. Extended Adjunct Staff receive free Family & Friends Program admission ($450) or a discount of $400 if they are not otherwise taking part in the Family & Friends program.
C. Adjunct Staff do not need to be enrolled in the Family and Friends Program.
D. Adjunct Staff would staff the Bee and Bowl and any other competition in a different age division than their children are competing in.
E. For field trip chaperoning, this can be for events in which their children take part.
F. Which additional events Adjunct Staff would staff are at the discretion of IAC and will be determined by July 10.
G. You must be 18 years old to be an Adjunct Staff Member. Siblings who are 18+ are allowed.
H. IAC reserves the right to reject Adjunct staff members who are unable to read questions at the level expected at our championship tournaments.
I. IAC likewise reserves the right to limit Adjunct Staff numbers, but we encourage everyone who is interested and capable of staffing to take advantage of this opportunity. We are unlikely to cap the number of Adjunct Staff prior to the end of March at the earliest.
J. If you are unable to staff any of the events listed in the Adjunct Staff Basic Option, then it is not possible to be an Adjunct Staff member: all 4 events (the training session, Scavenger Hunt, and the Intl. Geography Bee and Bowl World Championships are required, including both days of the Geography Bowl prelims).