Parents, Family Members, Family Friends, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2022 International Geography Championships. For 2022, there is no cost to attend or spectate the events, though due to space limitations, it may not be possible to attend preliminary rounds of buzzer-based competitions, as well as certain other events. Elementary Division students are required to attend with a parent or legal guardian and spend nights off of the Université Laval campus (we will provide a list of recommended hotels, inns, and hostels – this list will be available and posted here by October 2021).Students in the High School and Middle School Divisions are welcome to attend without a parent (IGC staff can meet them at the airport or train or bus station), with the exception of students who suffer from potentially life-threatening food or other allergies. Students with these conditions and/or other disabilities are welcome to attend, of course, though if such students typically rely on a parent or other caregiver to handle their condition, International Academic Competitions, the parent organization that oversees IGC, reserves the right to require such students to attend with a parent or legal guardian.

Unless a student is attending with a parent or guardian due to a disability, parents, guardians, and other family members are not permitted to stay on campus, nor are students in the three older age divisions permitted to stay with parents off-campus. The social aspect of the International Geography Championships is an important component of it, and with the exception of the Elementary Division (which is new for 2022; hence the separate rule on parents / guardians needing to attend and students needing to stay off campus), we wish to provide students with an opportunity to socialize and make friends on their own.

On a limited basis, parents of students from Canada and the USA whose mother tongue is English can also apply to be volunteers. This can lessen the costs of their children’s program fees depending on their level of involvement. Volunteers will need to have prior experience in assisting at IAC competitions, pass a background check, and have first aid certification. Further details on this will be provided in advance of registration opening in August.

Parents, Friends, Family Members, and Coaches are welcome to compete in any multiple choice exam, as well as in the Family Quiz (though there may be space limitations for the latter). There is no cost to compete in these, nor is there any cost for any “Parents Program” though parents who wish to attend field trips and museums must pay for those on an a la carte basis, and certain field trips will only be open to participating students. Further details will be provided on this in advance of the 2022 International Geography Championships.

Note that these policies will also be in effect for parents, coaches, family members, and family friends who are attending the International History Olympiad.