Parents, Family Members, Family Friends, Teachers, and Coaches are welcome to attend the 2024 International Geography Championships. For IGC 2024, we’re pleased to announce an expanded Family & Friends program (which applies to coaches, teachers and family friends in attendance as well). Please register for the Family and Friends Program on the Registration Page.

Update March 28: There are now two distinct options for the Family & Friends program: Extended (the originally posted option) and Basic (just attendance at the school). Please see below for details

The costs and benefits of the Family & Friends program are as follows:

Extended Option
$450 for anyone born before July 21, 2012
$350 for anyone born July 21, 2012-July 20, 2016
$250 for anyone born July 21, 2016-July 20, 2019
Children born from July 21, 2019 onwards are free, though note that some sightseeing may not be suitable for the youngest children. The price of the Extended Family & Friends program includes the following:

1. Public Transport Pass (from July 14-20) – includes Subway (i.e. U-Bahn), S-Bahn, Regional Trains, Bus, and Tram.
2. All sightseeing entry and tour guide fees during the times marked in dark blue on the schedule (does not include rides in the Prater). Note that in all cases when we are visiting sites, Family and Friends program members have the option of either having one or more of our staff members escort them via public transportation to and from the host school, or meeting us outside the entrance to the attraction in question / the starting point for a tour. Due to space limitations, the UN Vienna and OPEC Headquarters tours are for competing students only.
3. Any Multiple Choice Exam (All of which have Family & Friends Divisions – there will be separate awards for adults and children)
4. The Parents and Siblings Geography Bee and the Culinary Geography Bee.
5. The Scavenger Hunt
6. Access to the host school, including all events which are open to spectators, Medals Ceremonies, the Opening Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. Access to the host school is not allowed to anyone not participating in the Family & Friends Program.
7. A commemorative T-shirt, hat, pin, and water bottle.
8. The Half Day Trip to Bratislava and the Full Day Trip to Budapest are open to Family & Friends Program participants, but are not included in the cost. The cost of these per person, regardless of age, is the same as it is for competing students (i.e. $175 for Budapest, $60 for Bratislava). Infants who can sit safely on a parent’s lap are free of charge, but if someone requires a seat on the bus, then the cost applies.
9. The Family & Friends Program does not include accommodations or meals, though there is a chance that the host school may be able to provide a lunch option. This may be just for competing students, or it may also be possible for Family & Friends Program participants. If this is the case, we will have a separate sign up process for this, and this would have an extra cost.

Basic Option
$175 per family member, regardless of age, with the exception of children born from July 21, 2019 onwards who are free. The price of the Basic Family & Friends program includes the following:

1. The Basic Option includes access to the host school and to all ceremonies and competition that are open to spectators (remember, some, like exams, are not open to any spectators). The fees are charged as we still need to keep track of the number of people in the school at all times and prevent people who are not affiliated with IGC from entering the building, ensure that we do not have too many people in any one space and run afoul of fire codes, and provide staff for additional security.
2. The Basic Option does not include any sightseeing entry fees, nor does it include a public transit pass nor T-shirt, hat, pin, nor water bottle.
3. The Basic Option does not allow people registering under this option to themselves compete in any competitions in the Family and Friends Division.
4. While we certainly cannot (and will not) prevent Basic Option Family and Friends Program members from tagging along with our group when we go to museums and sites, we will not a) wait for you, either at the entrance or at the exit when our group is done, b) have extra tickets for sale, nor c) will you be permitted to take your child away from our group without expressly notifying the tour leader(s). We have run into instances of Type C at prior summer events, and they have led to delays and concern for missing students. Any violation of this policy by family members will result in a ban from all further IGC 2024 activities without recourse to a refund.
5. Tagging along to walking tours is not permitted.

Please also see the Adjunct Staff Option at the bottom of the Cost Page as a way to receive free entry or a discount on the Family & Friends Program.

For further questions, please email