International Academic Competitions is delighted to announce a new expansion of our programs. Branching out from our usual academic competitions, we will be offering a full week-long tour of Central Europe from Vienna to Berlin from July 21-27! Stops will include the Wachau Valley, Český Krumlov, Prague, Dresden, and Berlin on a tour designed specifically for families of children age 9-17 with an interest in geography, history, and culture. Details are available on the website here, which will be updated continually throughout the coming months. Of course, with this being an IAC tour, there will be any number of optional competitions that participants and their families can take part in during the tour. Note that it is not necessary to have a competing child in the 2024 International Geography Championships to be able to take part in the tour, but you must have a child in that age range who is coming on the tour to take part in it. We hope that you and your family will consider joining us for an unforgettable week of travel in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany!