We are pleased to announce that GRG 23-Alterlaa has been selected as the host school for the 2024 International Geography Championships! GRG 23-Alterlaa is an Austrian public high school in the 23rd District of Vienna, and is a three-minute walk from the Alterlaa station on the U6 subway (i.e. Metro / U-Bahn) line; the location is here on a map. Families who are looking to book hotels should look anywhere that is within a 5 minute walk from any U6 subway stop between Burggasse-Stadthalle and Siebenhirten, or along the U4 subway line between Hietzing and Pilgramgasse. A list of suggested hotels is posted here. Most of the competitions of the 2024 IGC, as well as both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and most of the medals ceremonies will take place at the host school. International Academic Competitions thanks GRG 23-Alterlaa for their support of IGC 2024, and we look forward to a great time in Vienna next summer!