One by one, different students went up onto the stage, either by themselves or with their team, with the final medals and prizes being awarded. Many different flags were waved and different state anthems played.

The final ten questions were starting, with the five students from elementary on stage. As each question was being asked, scores were changing by the second. Finally, the scores came in with the rankings in the individual buzzer rounds being finished.

In between the different divisions, other awards were given, with anticipation still in the air. The lieutenant governor of Vermont, Molly Gray, was there as a judge for the climate change in Vermont Task Force. At the closing ceremony, she gave a speech and had many questions asked.

Finally, in the end, after adding up the rankings from the battery exam, the written exam, and the individual buzzer rounds, one by one, from tenth place to first, students were called up and were given a plaque that said which place they had won. As the students went up, they were handed their flag and they waved it proudly. The first-place winner received a huge cup.

After some clapping and congratulating, all of the students and their families went to enjoy some sweet treats as a celebration for the end of the week-long event. Many said their goodbyes to the friends that they had made throughout the week, and many even exchanged phone numbers as a way to keep in touch. As the event came to a close, many departed that day or the next.

Overall, this was an amazing experience that I hope will continue for a long time.

Priyamvada Banerjee
Elementary School