At IGC most events are academically focused competitions. All that time spent studying and participating in competitions can make us miss the outdoors. Therefore some competitors decided to go out and about in nature, namely to Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont which measures precisely 4,395 feet.

The hikers were split into 2 groups, the all day group which left earlier in the morning and had been hiking from the morning and the half day group which arrived at the mountain later and hiked until the late afternoon.

Both groups got to enjoy picturesque views, whether through a bus window, a gondola window or on a hiking trail. After all the hiking both groups met up at a local ice cream shop for a well deserved ice cream reward. The hike overall was a good break from the academically heavy events at IGC and a perfect time to take in the views of the Green Mountains.

Justin Huang
High School 
North Carolina
Aarav Nishanth Nambiar
Elementary School 
North Carolina