Montreal is one of the most important and influential cities not only in Canada but in the Americas as well.  So naturally this was a trip that most of us were looking forward to. After several days of competitions this trip was a welcome trip to let the competitors have a break and explore a new city.

After an almost 2 hour drive the buses made it to Montreal. As the buses drove on the bridge to the island of Montreal we got to see picturesque views of the Montreal skyline. After eating lunch at local restaurants the buses got toured around by local tour guides who guided the buses around the so called “City of Festivals”.

We also got to go up Mount Royal and got to see a closer up view of Montreal’s skyline at one of the most famous spots in the city. There were lots of opportunities to take pictures and at the end some group photos were taken as well.

After the guided tour ended we got some time to spend wandering around Montreal. Some competitors went to go see McGill University, one of the most famous and prestigious universities in Canada, while others used the chance to wander around downtown Montreal.

After a couple hours of touring downtown the buses started going back to IGC. Although there were some hiccups along the way, like some of the buses getting stuck at the border for a bit, eventually all the buses were able to make it back to IGC safely. Although there might have been an issue regarding the trip back, the trip to Montreal was a fun visit to one of the biggest and most influential cities in Canada and the Francophone world.

Justin Huang
High School 
North Carolina
Vishaal Teklur
Elementary School