As the teams were assigned, many were happy to find out who they were competing with. The teams were determined based on how they did in the individual buzzer rounds. Having scored higher, you were placed onto a higher ranking team such, or having scored lower, you were placed onto a lower-ranked team. Had there been a smaller number of children in a region, there would be only one team of two or three competitors. 

On Tuesday, July 5th 2022, the first three rounds were played by every single team. In the first quarter of each round, there were played only the toss-up questions worth ten points each. You weren’t allowed to consult the answers with your teammates and whoever got it correctly first won a point for their team. If one team got the answer wrong, the entire team wasn’t able to answer that question anymore. In the second quarter, if you got the tossup, would also got a bonus that was related to the tossup. If you got it right, you would get extra ten points. You were allowed to consult bonuses with your teammates. The third quarter consisted of a lightning round. You were given three topics to choose from and whichever one you chose your team was given 60 seconds to answer 6 questions, each worth ten points. If your team answered incorrectly, the questions would bounce back to the other team which would give them a chance to answer it correctly answer and vice versa. The fourth and final quarter was similar to the toss-up round in the first quarter, however, based on how early you answered the question, you could get up to 30 points. 

After adding up all of the points from the round, the team with the higher score won. After 6 rounds stretched between Tuesday and Friday, the top eight teams moved on to the quarterfinals. In the semifinals, team USA Potomac beat Connecticut while California A beat New Jersey A. In the finals, with a shocking turn of events, California A beat USA Potomac by 20 points, while New Jersey A lost to Connecticut.

Priyamvada Banerjee
Elementary School 
Picture 1 “The IGBowl”
Picture 2 ”California B”
Vishaal Teklur
Elementary School