International Academic Competitions is delighted to announce that its 2022 International Geography Championships will take place in Burlington, Vermont and Montreal, Quebec on July 3-10, 2022! The University of Vermont and Champlain College will be the sites of most events, and will be where participants will stay. The International Geography Championships will also include a day trip to Montreal, Canada (if border regulations prevent students from being able to visit Canada, or if students’ visas do not permit the trip, we will have an alternate field trip available that day). All classrooms, sleeping rooms, and dining halls will be within at most a 15 minute walk from each other regardless of whether one is staying at UVM or Champlain. It is anticipated that Elementary Divisions students and their parents will stay at Champlain College while the Middle School and High School students will stay at UVM. The two campuses are within a 10 minute walk of each other.

Please explore this website, which will be continually updated between now and July 2022, for lots more information. Registration will reopen in mid-January 2022; there is an initial field cap of 300 students. For questions, please contact Thanks, and we hope to see you in summer 2022 for a week-long competition and celebration of geography!