Dear IGC Students, Families, Coaches, and Staff,

Greetings from Vienna! We’ve been busy working over the past week here to get ready for all the geography fun in the Austrian capital next month, with 350 competing students now registered! With that said…
From this point forward, please email for any questions about IGC 2024 with the exception of questions regarding the post-IGC Central Europe Tour (for which a few spaces remain available!) – for those, please continue to contact David at
Also, given massive turnout and interest, registration for the Budapest and Bratislava trips is now closed. 
As you may recall, today is the start of the Event Selection Period, which will run through June 24. The Event Selection Forms and various other instructions for events that use a different sign up process (i.e. the Symposium, Scramble, Congress of Vienna Simulation, and OPEC Simulation) have now been posted at the bottom of the Registration Page here. Remember that mandatory events are generally speaking not posted on the Event Selection Forms, as you will automatically be scheduled for those. Please follow all instructions carefully and note the following when signing up for your events:
1. Select your events wisely! IGC is designed as a Choose Your Own Adventure-style event. Most events at IGC are indeed optional. Only you can determine the right balance of buzzer-quizzing, exams, other competitions, sightseeing, study time, family time, downtime, and sleep! DON’T overschedule yourself! Particularly regarding competitions, it’s often best to prepare strongly for one or two, rather than trying to prepare for and compete in absolutely everything. Especially if you’re not a player who competed in the Finals at the Asian, European, Canadian, or US National Championships, consider devoting a high proportion of your study hours to a niche event (of which there are lots, especially among the exams). Your chances for winning a medal will go up considerably if that is the case for you!
2. Please use The Schedule (under the Calendar link at www.geochampionships.comand the Event Descriptions (accessible through the links on that page) to help you select your events. The Schedule has been updated with a number of changes over the past week. In particular, note that due to concerns regarding both student safety and question security, the Scavenger Hunt is now a family-themed non-medal event, and we have added the Ethnographic Museum instead of the Chocolate Museum and Hundertwasserhaus (both of these can be seen within about 10-15 minutes and are not worth a full field trip). Also, please note that after Round 2, the Historical Geography Bee will be reseeded into Upper and Lower Brackets. All competing students will play Round 3, but only those in the Upper Bracket can make the final, which will then solely depend on Round 3 scores. Finally, note that the Great Trading Game in the Middle School and Intermediate Divisions will feature two separate competitions, each with its own set of medals. One competition will be for 7th graders (or birthdate equivalent students), and the other for 8th graders in the Middle School Division. The same holds for 5th and 6th graders in the Intermediate Division.
3. Please do NOT select overlapping events. We have taken a lot of care in devising the schedule to allow buffer time between events. Many events and field trips for which 2-3 hours are allotted may only take 1.5-2 hours to allow for contingencies, bad weather, travel delays, etc. This is built into the schedule, so as long as you make sure two events do not overlap, feel free to sign up for them.
4. If you need to change your responses, please do so by filling in the Schedule Change Form at the bottom of the Registration page, unless you wish to radically overhaul your events, in which case, it is easier then if you just fill out the Event Selection Form again from the start. Your most recent submission will be the one we take as valid.
5. Certain sightseeing events are on a first-come, first-served basis. In particular, note that the UN Vienna trips (of which there are two) each are limited to the first 15 adults, and first 30 students (including Family & Friends Program Extended Option participants) who register. Generally speaking, we will try to monitor the forms, and remove sightseeing options from the forms which have had their field caps filled, but we cannot guarantee this 100% (especially if we have a rush of students sign up overnight at any given time).
Note that there is no advantage to submitting an early application for the Congress of Vienna or OPEC Simulations: we will only begin looking through these on June 25. Applicants will be notified on June 27 if they have been selected.
6. You MUST fill in an Event Selection Form if you are taking part as a competing student or in the Family & Friends Extended Option. You are not allowed to fill in the form, if you are a parent, friend, or family member who is taking part in the Family & Friends Program Basic Option or not taking part in the FFP. If you wish to change your Family & Friends Program status, simply fill in the form on the Registration Page accordingly, or email if you are cancelling altogether to let us know.
7. Note that for Family & Friends Program members, if you select the Family & Friends Geography Bee, Culinary Geography Bee, or any of the exams available on your version of the form, you are thereby selecting to compete (not spectate!) that event. Exams are not open to spectators anyway.
8. IGC / IAC reserves the right to add / drop / change the Schedule, particularly if the museums and other attractions that we are visiting change our reservations. We will try not to change the Schedule unless absolutely necessary. That said, we need to ensure that we have sufficient options available, sufficient staff available, and that the plans are workable given time and participation limits, and logistical constraints.
9. With the exception of the limits to the Congress of Vienna and OPEC simulations that are specified on their Event pages, there are generally no limits to the number of students who can take part in any given competition. However, the Great Trading Game is limited to 32 students per grade level in the Middle School and Intermediate Divisions, and 32 overall students in the Elementary School Division. This event is not offered in the High School Division.

Further updates on IGC will be available over the coming weeks, and additional preparation resources (e.g. the guide to the Congress of Vienna Simulation, distribution tables for questions on the exams and bees) will be posted to the website on a rolling basis as well. Please expect another general update email in a few weeks as the Event Selection Period nears its end, though we will continue to be in touch with families on an as needed basis regarding specific needs and situations as well.

Liebe Grüße aus Wien!
-David und Nolwenn Madden